J-E6 Intelligent Stainless Steel Fume Hood
  • Product Introduction

J-E6 Intelligent Stainless Steel Fume Hood

※Size (MM): 1500 (length) * 850 (width) * 2350 (height);

※Excellent stainless steel materials and world-leading manufacturing technology, no light pollution, delicate and soft surface, noble and elegant;

※One-time molding table top with excellent craftsmanship, no welding, no dead angle, strong acid and alkali resistance, never rust, easy to clean and disinfect;

※The glass intelligent lifting assembly in front of the workstation supports two modes of manual and electric, and supports staying at any position;

※Advanced gas diversion system to eliminate harmful gases in time;

※Comfort lighting components; automatic disinfection components;

※Human-machine interaction components, the whole machine is controlled by microcomputer intelligently, real-time monitoring of all operating functions of the fume hood;

※Intelligent stainless steel fume hood combined with intelligent material extraction workstation will make laboratory work more simple and effective, and get twice the result with half the effort;

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